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Photo by Erberto Zani

Photo by Lilya Nasirova

Photo by Mohammad Elsanousi

Photo by Lilya Nasirova

As a veteran photographic artist, writer, director, producer, lecturer, and on-camera talent, Vincent Isner is at home in both the studio and the field. His character-rich portraiture includes authors, members of Congress, global religious leaders, African tribal elders, ambassadors, and two US Presidents. His figurative works reflect his deep appreciation of the painters of the Italian Renaissance. One critic said of his work in portraiture and the human figure, "Isner achieves with the camera what only the renaissance masters achieved in paint." 

Isner has traveled to some 34 countries, using both still and moving images to tell poignant human stories and capture historical events, including the tsunami-ravaged regions of Sri Lanka and Indonesia, the Sahel region of West Africa, Egypt, academic centers throughout Western Europe,  and to conflict-torn regions of Israel and the Palestinian West Bank. His work as Communications Officer for a Peacemaking Non-profit has given his work a powerful contextual platform for the sharing of his work worldwide.

As Communications Officer for the OMNIA Institute in Chicago Vincent worked to advance the development of leadership teams in conflict zones of Nigeria and Sri Lanka. His work includes interviews with leaders and peace activists from Arun Gandhi (great grandson of Mahatma Gandhi) and Rabbi Arthur Waskow, founder of Shalom Center, to the renown Sri Lankan Social Activist A. T. Ariyaratne.

Vincent began his career as a writier and producer in educational television, specializing in positive programs for young children and their families.  He is a three-time firewalker and jazz trumpet player.  He currently teaches Photography and Media Studies at Webster University's Tashkent campus in Uzbekistan.

Read client reviews here:

  • Five stars tells it all. As a 40 year, 44 country documentary film and video producer/director I can attest to the creativity and professionalism of Vince Isner. If given the opportunity to create with Vince you will be rewarded beyond measure.
    Frederic R.
  • Vince is amazing, a true professional. We have hired him several times for various shoots and everything has been perfect. He's really good at putting people at ease and has a very good eye. He knows instinctively how things should be done and gets on with it. He gives you lots of choices to select from, and tweaks your selections until they're just right. It's just great.
    Giles J.
  • I found that he had an uncanny knack for combining just the right colors and lighting and textures to create photographs that are alluring, yes, but that also draw you into the moment he has captured. His photographs are not just pictures; they are art, very fine art.
    Don R.
  • Vincent Isner is a great photographer. I had the pleasure to work near him in Burkina Faso (West Africa): he's a serious professional, but also a very friendly man. I hope to work again with him!
    Erberto Z.
  • Vince Isner's incredible skill through the lens is a byproduct of the way he sees the beauty in all things. Anyone who meets him understands that his love and appreciation for life is exactly how he "looks" at everything for us through his camera.
    Peter S.
  • Enthusiastic, extremely competent, quick study, personable. I would not hesitate to work with him again.
    Wayne R.
  • Vince Isner is a true professional. He did a photo shoot with me and my duo partner in 2013. He puts a lot of thought into what he does and is easy to work with, both during the shoot and in post. His attention to detail is what sets him apart from so many other photographers. Vince's photos are definitely some of the best we've ever had.
    Stowe D.
  • Vince is terrific to work with. During my tenure as VP for Enrollment at Prescott College he worked with us to produce an outstanding recruitment video for the college.
    Tim R.
  • Vincent is a terrific partner for any business. He is not just a photographer in my view. For us he plans the shoot, gets the models, makeup artists, etc, and then executes a combination of still and creative shots for branded lingerie. His photoshopping and creative editing are terrific. Vince has a good eye for balance and form, but is also open to input from others. I love working with Vince and would choose no other partner for my business photo needs.
    Angela N.
  • I have worked with Vince on a number of documentary projects, and was immediately impressed by his ingenuity and creative eye. Vince's attention to detail gives his work a polished feel that makes it stand out from the rest. He also has a natural way of making people comfortable on the other side of the lens. Aside from his videography and photography talents, I am captivated by his written word. Vince's perspectives and prose, whether in script or essay form, are always a treat. His work and professional services are not to be overlooked.
    Daniel I.
  • I recently published a memoir and when I serendipitously met Vince, I knew his professionalism and presence was what I needed. As a professional, as a person, as an artist, Vince really is one of the very best.
    Rebecca P.
  • Vince worked with New Vision Renewable Energy over the course of two years and helped us get our grassroots organization off the ground when our mission turned to an international global poverty focus. Vince's attention to detail surpasses the work of any photographer I have worked with. His photographs tell a story and touched my heart. He is very technical in nature so I never had to worry about the quality of the photographs. I would recommend him highly. Very prompt and extremely courteous. Wherever he lands, you will be lucky to have him involved with your work.
    Pamela O.
  • Super, detailed oriented artist.
    Zafar K.
  • Our company use Vince for Fashion editorial photography and product shots. He is extremely talented and creative but best of all he pulls the shoot together and makes it happen. We have used Vince for over 2 years and will continue to use him.
    Lorraine C.
  • Vince is amazing! I asked him to help me recreate a vintage Marilyn Monroe poster for me, and he nailed it! His professionalism, talent, good humor, and creativity make him tops in my book! I recommend him to my friends in a regular basis, and fully endorse him as a photographer of choice.
    April P.
  • I was modeling for years and did it as a job but with Vincent it was the most fun time while shooting. He makes every lady feel beautiful and special. He is very professional and talented. Everybody loves Vincent.
    Mazi V.

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